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Fall in love with the peanut and soon it will reveal all of its secrets to you...
--George Washington Carver (1864-1943)

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Welcome to the International Aeronauts League. The IAL was established in 2004 to support the art, science and sport of aerostation, called ballooning, through the medium of the World Wide Web. There are no bricks, mortar, meetings or bylaws associated with the League. The concept is simple, straightforward, and economical.

Membership in the League costs nothing.  Non-pilots, novice and expert pilots, and the just plain curious are welcome to join.  Members have access to a full featured bulletin board and electronic mail reflector that allows near real-time dialogue between members.   In addition, feature news articles, file sharing and classified advertising are provided by the League.  If you decide to become a member, you will receive a personalized membership certificate printed in full color on acid-free paper… at no charge.  Each member will also receive the League's enamel pin.

We are proud that the Balloon Historical Society, founded by Ed Yost in 2002, is hosted here. A section of the Forum has been dedicated to important Society activities.

Technical and financial support of the League is provided by friends and volunteers. We do welcome  programmers, writers and researchers as volunteer participants at any time. Corporate and individual sponsors are welcome to support the League. In return, the name of each contributor will appear on our Honor Roll.

We look forward to having you join today!

John S. Craparo

International Aeronauts League

PO Box 200931
Austin, Texas 78720-0931

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